Mocking Bull


Bringing world-class brands & services to the low income market. All Mocking Bull services are designed to make handling & arranging a funeral easier, give access to “best of breed” service partners and to give dignity and peace of mind to their clients.

All MBH services were developed after extensive research into what happens after a death and arranging a funeral. MBH mapped daily undertaker activities, identified services needed by clients and attended many funerals to gain a better understanding of clients needs and problems when arranging funerals. Once a need was identified, MBH developed a business model to solve those requirements and then sourced suitable brands and service partners to provide the services.

MBH negotiated services directly with certain service providers for the benefit of its clients. MBH takes on the responsibility of its clients to that service provider;


“Why not provide policy cash benefits?”

  • Cash ? Service

    Multiple expenses & costs arise when arranging a funeral. Cash is often used for un-provided expenses & not for planned expenses.

  • The Lower Income Market have Unfair Negotiating Power

    • Cash ? access to services. To hire a car you need a credit card, excluding people between LSM 1-5 group;
    • Many service providers (specifically areas with a low LSM group) treat clients with disdain or provide bad service. MBH service providers are centrally controlled to ensure proper  service delivery;
    • Over charging happens when service providers realise the client has no alternative . MBH strictly monitor their service partners’ delivery to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Bank Account Turmoil

    • The low LSM group is either banked or unbanked. Those that are banked have limited credit  facilities & limited banking facilities, making speedy insurance pay-outs critical to organising the funeral;
    • Many lower income accounts are under stress, leading to insurance cash pay-outs being used for other expenses.
  • The Deceased has no control over arranging his/her funeral!

    • Multiple family members get involved in arranging the funeral, very often leading to inexperienced & expensive decisions being made;
    • The deceased has no idea or control over the expenditure.

Value Added Services